Monday, March 2, 2015

Mt. Olive Outlook

This Saturday will mark the first competition that Team 103 participates in during 2015. Mr. Willman, head mentor in the Manufacturing department, said, “I think this weekend will be a weekend where we finalize strategy, and I think… this weekend will be a weekend to build upon.” Mr. Willman went on to say that if Cybersonics does well, than it will be able to keep everything the same, but he sees this competition as a learning experience. At the Mt. Olive, competition 103 intends to find out where they stand, and improve based on those standings, for the end of the season leading up to Upper Darby and St. Louis. Cybersonics’ performance at Mt. Olive will play a large role in deciding how the team uses its time for the next few weeks and will set the tone for the rest of competition season.

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