Saturday, February 13, 2016

Week #5

As Week #5 of build season is starting, Cybersonics is very busy. Manufacturing is working very hard on the robot and have completed the drive train. PR/Marketing has been busing with the business plan, video production, and of course: buttons! Make sure you pick some up at competitions.

Beartholomew has had quite the adventurous week. He visited some teachers and met a bunch of new friends. He also spent time admiring student artwork, and was even a part of a race. More on that in the next Nerd Herd video… To stay up to date with team and bear activities, make sure to follow on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat!!

YouTube: Cybersonics103
Facebook: Cybersonics Technology Team 103
Twitter (Team): @cybersonics
Twitter (Bear): @beartholomew103
Instagram (Team): cybersonics
Instagram (Bear): cybear103
Snapchat: cybersonics103

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