Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Entrepreneurship Record

The complete redesign and reworking of the business plan this year has proven valuable, for the team has already won the Entrepreneurship Award twice within three competitions. This development has helped Cybersonics set a record for the Entrepreneurship Awards held by any FIRST Robotics Team Worldwide and helped boost team morale for the upcoming competition in St. Lois.

The Entrepreneurship Award is given to a team, which displays entrepreneurial spirit through its comprehensive business plan. In addition to reviewing the business plan, the judges receive a full presentation from the team representative at which they must answer any questions the judges have regarding the team. Cybersonics is proud of its team representative, Bella Angel, for leading the creation of the business plan and representing the team well during the interview portion of the award. The business plan is a primary goal of the team, and the members are proud to know that their hard work was well spent.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Orlando and Upper Darby Regional Competitions

Cybersonics Technology Team 103 is reaching the end of its competition season, and as it progresses to FIRST World Championships, the team is grateful for the experience and memories this year’s regional competitions have given it. Recently, Cybersonics participated in a two regional competitions following the Mt. Olive Regional Event.

Cybersonics was extremely excited to attend the much-anticipated Orlando Regional hosted by the University of Central Florida during March 12-14. The team traveled to Orlando and stayed at Disney World for a few extra days during our week stay in addition to attending the competition. At the competition, Cybersonics ultimately came in sixth place. Although in the selection process Cybersonics had the opportunity to select its own alliance, the team chose to join the fifth alliance with Team 3653 The Broward Botcats and Team 1876 The Beachbotics. The Orlando Regional Competition featured 64 teams, which allowed Cybersonics to forge relationships with teams from all over the world.

Two weekends later, Cybersonics attended the MAR Regional Competition, which was hosted closer to Cybersonics’ hometown at Upper Darby High School. At this competition, Cybersonics finished in eighth place with its alliance of Team 708 Hatters Robotics and Team 357 Royal.
At both events, Cybersonics received the Entrepreneurship Award, which is awarded to the team based on its comprehensive business plan. The business plan details the fundraising, goal setting, and management of the team, and Team 103 completely redesigned it this year. The awards Cybersonics has received this year have allowed it to set a record regarding the Entrepreneurship Award. As of 2015, Cybersonics now has received the most Entrepreneurship Awards of any given FIRST Robotics Team in the world.