Saturday, February 20, 2016

Week #6

Week #6 has flown by for the Cybersonics Technology Team. Due to uncooperating snow, the team lost Monday and Tuesday to work, but the other days 103 powered through and made up for lost time.

Manufacturing has been busy with putting final touches on the robot and it is really coming together. PR/Marketing has been busy working on videos and travel plans. The team is so excited to meet everyone at competitions! Be sure to pick up Cybersonics and Beatholomew buttons at competitions!

Beatholomew is happy as ever and has been a huge help in keeping team morale up through the final stretch of build season. He is a true team bonder and mascot. To all other FIRST teams out there, keep going! Happy almost end of build season and good luck to everyone at competition!

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Week #5

As Week #5 of build season is starting, Cybersonics is very busy. Manufacturing is working very hard on the robot and have completed the drive train. PR/Marketing has been busing with the business plan, video production, and of course: buttons! Make sure you pick some up at competitions.

Beartholomew has had quite the adventurous week. He visited some teachers and met a bunch of new friends. He also spent time admiring student artwork, and was even a part of a race. More on that in the next Nerd Herd video… To stay up to date with team and bear activities, make sure to follow on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat!!

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Twitter (Team): @cybersonics
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Snapchat: cybersonics103

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Week #4

We are two thirds of the way through build season! Time flies when you are having fun. This week has been quite busy for the Cybersonics team. The robot is coming along very nicely and the team is excited for you to see the finished product! PR/Marketing has been working hard on buttons, travel plans, and a ton of new videos. Check out the YouTube channel for new NerdHerd and The Cyber Talk videos, as well as an up and coming video about STEAM education!

Beartholomew is happy as ever with the team. He helped in the shop this week, and bonded with more team members. Stay tuned for more updates on his adventures next week!

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Week #3

Week #3 of build season has come and gone. Unfortunately, for this neck of the woods, we got over 2 feet of snow! Luckily, the school was able to open on Tuesday, so Team 103 didn’t miss more than one day of work.

Since we are officially in the middle of build season, it’s time for a recap:

PR/Marketing has been working on travel plans, social media upkeep and the business plan. Manufacturing has prototyped and is now working on the robot. The whole team is busy as ever and working very hard. Keep chuggin FIRST Teams!

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Week #2:

Week #2 of build season is coming to a close. Not only was Team 103 busy this week but it was also finals. Everyone is glad the week is over, but even with major tests and projects, nothing slows this team down (not even snow). This hardworking bunch of nerds is unstoppable.
Every department is bustling with a variety of activities. Manufacturing is still prototyping, but the ideas are becoming solidified. PR/Marketing is also working hard, finalizing travel plans, adding episodes to the video series’ and starting to design buttons. All members of the team are working harder than ever to meet the deadlines. With the impending snow, Beartholomew is very excited. Stay tuned for pictures of his adventures!

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Kickoff Week

On Saturday, January 9th, FIRST revealed this year’s game Stronghold. Ever since, the Cybersonics team has been busy at work, spending long hours brainstorming about the robot, creating game strategies, and reaching out to other teams, sponsors and the community. Manufacturing is busy brainstorming designs for the robot, and proofing their concepts. PR/Marketing has been creating videos, maintaining the social media accounts, creating a newsletter and many more new and exciting things. Stay tuned for more!

The team’s two main fundraisers have come and gone, but they were huge successes. The first was Basket Bingo, held all the way back in October. The event included twenty rounds of bingo, and winners took away their prizes in Vera Bradley bags or Longaberger baskets. All the team members were involved, whether selling tickets and food or calling out “N-43.” It was a fun event for all involved, and it helped the team bond with not only each other, but with the community as well.

Another main fundraiser the team did was a Spaghetti dinner. This event was in December, and held at a local fire house. Team members helped volunteers cook food and make drinks. The team yet again was completely and utterly involved. If they weren’t serving food, they were plating desserts, setting tables, welcoming guests, or even driving last year’s robot which was delivering desserts to patrons. This was also another opportunity for team members to interact with the community, and show them what the team is all about.

Fundraising is a huge part of Team 103, and it couldn’t be accomplished without the help of the sponsors. Thank you so much to all Team 103 supporters and sponsors. Check out the two new video series “Nerd Herd” and “The Cyber Talk” on our YouTube Channel. Also, don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat!

Friday, May 8, 2015

St. Louis World Championship

Recently, Cybersonics attended the St. Louis FIRST Robotics World Championship. It is always an honor to attend, and the team has had the opportunity to attend every year as a Hall of Fame team. This year, Cybersonics was picked for the fourth alliance on the Hopper field and played in the Quarterfinals with Robogym Team 3950, and Herobotics Team 2500. The competition hosted teams from all over the world, and every team there had earned its way through hard work and cooperation. The opening and closing ceremonies were particularly spectacular and featured both Woodie Flowers and Dean Kamen.

As a Hall of Fame team, Team 103 was one of the only teams to meet and get a picture with Woodie Flowers in person. Additionally, FIRST reached out to Cybersonics to create a Hall of Fame display detailing all of the Hall of Fame teams, which Cybersonics exhibited this display in addition to its own.