Wednesday, February 11, 2015


Throughout the build season, the Cybersonics’ Inventor department has been occupied with the task of designing the robot and creating comprehensive blueprints detailing its layout. In addition to creating a 3D computer model with the Autodesk Inventor program, the department is also entrusted to print 2D blueprints including specific measurements. For every part included on the robot, the Inventor department must create both 3D and 2D models, along with an assembly drawing for the entire robot. The Inventor department is responsible for a vital part of our design process, which then communicates to the manufacturing department. The Inventor department is currently designing a new cart for the robot that will cater to the robot’s tall stature. The cart features a scissor lift that will allow for the drivers to lower it to fit through the door, yet lift it to ease the process of making technical adjustments. Elsewhere in the Manufacturing department, Cybersonics continues to make last minute adjustments to the robot awaiting Stop Build day, and the drive team has begun practicing for competition. Cybersonics’ expects a rewarding competition season and its members are as prepared and enterprising as ever.

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