Wednesday, May 2, 2012

FIRST World Championship in Review

On April 29th, the Cybersonics Technology Team returned from the international competition in St. Louis, FIRST World Championships, and though the team was a bit downcast, this season has certainly be one to learn from. 

Luck was not on 103’s side at competition; Cybersonics did not make the top eight for alliance selections in Galileo, nor was the Hall of Fame team chosen as an alliance partner. Sitting out elimination rounds was humbling, and even moreso, the fact that 103 did not win any awards at World Championships. It was much unlike performance at the regional events, wherein Cybersonics did make eliminations and did win one or more awards at each event. The team competed against 99 other teams within their division, Galileo, and over 400 total FRC teams from around the globe. Despite the regionals being such a tremendous preparatory force, fierce competition provided obstacles that 103 could not quite overcome, but allowed goals to be set for next year.

Regardless, the team could be pleased by the recognition given by the judges, as many came up to the booth and paid special attention to team spokeswoman, Rachel. It was consoling as well that 103 ranked approximately 6th for teleoperated period score.

A notable featureof the World Championships is that FIRST Tech Challenge teams compete alongside FIRST Lego League and Junior FIRST Lego League teams from around the world, with teams that came from as far as Japan. Team 103 would like to offer enormous congratulations to FRC teams 180, 25 and 16 for their amazing performances on Einstein and on their earning of the title of World Champions for this season. Along with all the other teams who won their respective divisions and moved on to compete on Einstein, they all made 103 proud to participate in FIRST with such admirable displays of passion, dedication, fervor and gracious professionalism.

Because Cybersonics was not as successful as expected or desired, this season will be taken as a call for improvement so that 103 can return to the field more fiery and passionate than ever. Though the team will be losing a core group of valuable seniors at the end of this year, 103 will renew itself with new leadership and polish itself to brighter hues for next year’s competition.

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Written by Luke C.

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