Saturday, February 8, 2014

Build Season Update

This year's build season has come to the Cybersonics Technology Team with a particular alacrity, marking both change and development within the team. All departments of Team 103 have approached their tasks this season with a bounty of creativity, bringing about the realization of many innovations in each of the team's yearly projects. We are all excited to compete in this year's game, Aerial Assist, and are looking forward to seeing the products of this season's hard work put to the test of competition.

Noteworthy amongst the PR-Marketing branch of 103 has been the integration of risk management processes into the business plan, which should allow for more streamlined production in the future. The team has, furthermore, developed a statistical analysis system for competitions and alliance selections. With these two additions, the team is proud to release a business plan for this season even more comprehensive than the past editions. The team is likewise excited for the competition season to put our new statistical analysis system to use.

The animation team, to fulfill this year's Team 116-sponsored prompt, has created another exemplary product for Cybersonics. With many new additions this year, the animation branch boasts talent and creativity, and has created both an entertaining and educational submission this year. The team is excited to bring this work of art to the table. The video department, furthermore, has also been working extensively this year on both vlogs, pit videos and an additional submission for the White House Film Festival.

The core of Cybersonics, the manufacturing department, has experienced its share of obstacles this year; however, the team is very eager to see the robot completed for the competitions of this season. The prospects are promising, as the team has developed a drive train and shooting system that will definitely be competitive on the playing field this year.

103 aims to wrap up the remainder of the build season with continued dedication to the excellence and achievement which have driven this team for years. We have committed ourselves to producing the best work possible, and look forward to releasing competitive products from all facets of the team.

Written by: Luke Chadwick

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