Sunday, February 16, 2014

Weather, Awards, and The Winter Olympics

This build season, Palisades has had around ten snow days inhibiting our ability to work continuously from day to day and further limiting the time we have to complete the robot. Responding to the recent bad weather, FIRST has increased the weight limit of robots to 45 pounds, intending to ease the damage of setbacks FIRST robotics teams have had due to weather and make it easier for teams to meet the February 18th deadline. FIRST has chosen to keep the deadline in place regardless of the unfavorable weather and power outages in order to maintain the schedules already established by FIRST and FIRST robotics teams.

As build season approaches its end, FIRST is opening submission for a number of awards, including FIRST Future Innovator Award (sponsored by the Abbott Fund), The Media & Technology Innovation Award (sponsored by Comcast/NBCUniversal), and The FIRST 3D Printing Award (sponsored by America Makes and ORNL). Be sure to submit your entries soon, for FIRST has already closed submissions for the Chairman’s Award and Entrepreneurship Award.

In an excellent exhibition of how Cybersonics can help one achieve their goals, one of our graphic designers is sending a banner to Sochi for the 2014 Winter Olympics. Graduate of Palisades High School and skilled speed skater Chris Creveling is competing in the Olympics this year and is using a banner created by Karli Blanchard, who is currently completing her second year of graphic designing for Cybersonics Technology Team. All of Palisades supports Creveling and wishes him best luck! 

Written by: Elizabeth Kunkel

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