Friday, February 6, 2015

Beartholomew's First Google Hangout

Among the newest members to Cybersonics is Beartholomew, a dedicated member of the team who works with every department. His ventures are inspiring to fellow team members and he is an affable character, always supporting others. Beartholomew previously did not have much exposure to technology, but through Cybersonics, he has learned numerous computer skills that have helped him both in school and in the workplace.

Today was Bartholomew’s first Google Hangout, and he learned how video calls help connect people and personalize interactions. Google Hangouts play a vital role linking FRC teams and their supporters. Today, this Google Hangout facilitated the transfer of information between the Web department and the school IT director, while simultaneously integrating video. Video chats allow Cybersonics to better communicate information, not only through voice but also through visuals.

Left to Right: Beartholomew, Aaron Lerch, Connor Twomey, Earl Kennedy

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