Monday, February 16, 2015

Media Revamp

Media has entered the forefront of Cybersonics’ attention, and the Web department has completely revamped Cybersonics’ online media. Last Saturday, Cybersonics officially launched its new website and is proud to call the project a success. Numerous programmers have joined the Cybersonics and have directed their efforts toward redesigning and reprogramming the website. This feat requires the entire public relations branch to contribute and encourages departments to work together. Although the Web department is responsible for the programming, the new website incorporates the work of the Marketing, Graphic Design, and Digital Media departments. The Web department additionally has commissioned the help of former Cybersonics member and current college mentor, Aaron Willey, who constructed much of the previous website.

Cybersonics is also directing a significant amount of its effort towards social media and is working to augment its online presence. Among its newer additions is Cybersonics’ mascot who now has his own Instagram (@Cybear103) and Twitter (@beartholomew103) and makes frequent appearances on Cybersonics own social media. This year Cybersonics has made significant advances in its communication and is confident that its efforts will make outreach to both the local and global community easier.

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