Tuesday, February 10, 2015


The last week of build season marks the transition of focus from the robot to travel. Cybersonics’ Travel department is preparing for rigorous competition. The Travel department handles communications pertaining to flights, buses, and hotels. This year, Cybersonics is traveling to both St. Louis, Missouri and Orlando Florida. This means that the Travel department must organize two round trip flights, as well as additional hotel stays and meal plans. For every day, the Travel department must assemble a schedule that ensures the team can enjoy competition, but also activities, after the event is finished. These multiple day competitions are some of the most enjoyable for the team and allow Cybersonics to forge relationships with teams from diverse locations, yet they require the most preparation.

This year in Cybersonics is Bella Angel’s last and as head of the Travel department. She must now prepare two newcomers to assume her role as she continues to college. Both of these newcomers, Bronwyn Sayre and Megan McGroarty have been adjusting well to their position of the Cybersonics team and actively engage in all team functions. Together, the Travel department works with fervor to ensure that Cybersonics’ adventures are gratifying.

Organizing schedules for Florida competition.                .

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