Thursday, February 5, 2015


FIRST Robotics teams across the Northeast have lost numerous hours to snow and the current weather forecast suggests more snow is likely to come. Safety is a value of FIRST and the community upholds this by refraining from calling in their students during dangerous driving conditions. Unfortunately, teams must make up for time lost by working harder and adding hours on holidays or days that would otherwise be spent with friends and family. 

Cybersonics has already lost twenty-eight hours, but team members manage to survive, impervious to setback. Cybersonics steadfast determination has gotten it through many years of unfavorable weather and the team is already recovering from this year’s winter. The Manufacturing department is ahead of schedule on the robot and the Public Relations & Marketing division continues to work with great ardor. Cybersonics is stronger for the constraints it has overcome yet still hopes for pleasant weather and more time to work this weekend.

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