Wednesday, February 18, 2015

The End of Build Season

The robot has been officially bagged and tagged since yesterday and Cybersonics’ focus has officially shifted away from the robot and towards other endeavors. Manufacturing is finishing the practice robot and cleaning up the remnants of build season projects. The PR & Marketing department is ensuring all travel arrangements are final and competitions go as smoothly as possible. Cybersonics’ website has been completely remodeled, yet it is a continuously evolving entity and will be constantly updated and improved. Cybersonics’ programmers will be additionally responsible for programming Cybersonics’ tablets for scouting and maintaining Cybersonics’ social networking accounts and other digital media.

The 2015 build season was an extremely progressive one for Cybersonics and engendered many developments within the team. Ultimately the build season, though often challenging, was a valuable experience for the team and its mentors. During the build seasons, students could refine their skills while simultaneously bonding with their teammates and strengthening their team-building skills.

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