Thursday, February 19, 2015

Build Season Lookback: Manufacturing

The 2015 build season in Manufacturing proved to be challenging, yet valuable for Cybersonics’ Manufacturing members. 2015 came with a change in leadership in the Manufacturing department, the members gladly welcoming Mr. Reckner. Members say that his vast experience helped them learn new concepts and processes this build season, and the department adopted a number of new approaches to the build process. Manufacturing held a number of off-season training sessions and implemented a different drive train.

This year, Manufacturing was much more student led than it had been in the past, and members were happy to have more independence as a department. Manufacturing focused more on prototyping and research, and held more frequent team discussions. 2015 came with a number of improvements for the manufacturing department. The changes made this year will stay with Cybersonics for ages to come.

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