Friday, February 20, 2015

Build Season Lookback: PR & Marketing

From the business plan, to the website, Cybersonics’ PR & Marketing department rebranded the team style to be more trendy while maintaining our signature elements. This took much of PR & Marketing department’s time and required its members to work as hard as ever to complete all of its projects in time to include them in award submissions. This pressed the department with demanding time constraints, especially with the limits of the winter’s weather. Because of these deadlines, the team accumulated valuable time management skills in the process.

Among the hardest challenges of 2015, Cybersonics had to train an abundance of new members with its dwindling supply of upperclassmen. This proved to be difficult, yet the seniors rose to the challenge, developing important leadership skills, and the new members cultivated their self-teaching skills to ease the burden on the seniors. The 2015 build season’s challenges were crucial learning experiences and Team 103 has grown from all of them.

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